Ripples from Nieu Bethesda

Dr Nico de Klerk and his guests share their thoughts on mindset change and entrepreneurship in the Walk&Talk video series. In this video a group of local residents joined Nico during part of his Long Walk when he started the day’s walk from Nieu Bethesda to Graaff-Reinet on 15 September 2018. Watch the stunning video from Winny about her experience of StreetBiz. Nico’s friend continued to walk with him for 27km before catching a lift back home.

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Make it personal …

  • Winny talks about how we interact with others around us in the same way that a ripple in water goes far beyond itself. How have you affected those around you in the past three days? Did their interaction with your “ripple” change their mindsets and their lives in a positive way? Are they better for having been in touch with you?
  • And how will a change in your life as an entrepreneur “ripple” to your community? What could change that would make life a bit better for all around you?
  • Plan one “ripple” and ACTION it this week!

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