The link between pilgrimages and entrepreneurship

Have a look at the following interview done by Martelize Brink and Johan Rademan of RSG with Dr Nico de Klerk in which he talks about the concept of a pilgrimage, his learnings on his own pilgrimages, including the Camino de Santiago in Span, and the Long Walk Project in which he, as CEO of the StreetBiz Foundation, is walking across South Africa over a period of four months, talking to, and listening to entrepreneurs at grassroots level.

The interview is in Afrikaans, but English captions have been added, and images added of Dr de Klerk’s experiences when he walked the Camino de Santiago in Spain, and also of his pilgrimage across South Africa, the Long Walk Project by the StreetBiz Foundation.

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Make it personal …

Have you ever been on a pilgrimage?

And no, it doesn’t have to have been “a real one” like:

Yes, of course join a “real pilgrimage”. But you can also, as Dr de Klerk explains in the video, design your OWN pilgrimage – as real as any of the ones above.

So do that … see how how much time you can set aside for you pilgrimage and design a route for yourself.

And then walk it.

And deal with things you haven’t yet dealt with.

Dream new dreams and find a bit of yourself that you might have lost along the way, or might not even have discovered yet.

Do this.



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