Get our Barrydale friends to Cape Town!

YOU can make a difference!

This video is a challenge to help this group get to Cape Town to celebrate the end of the Long Walk Project on 24 November 2018.


To support our Barrydale friends with funds or transport to Cape Town on 24 November or overnight accommodation in Cape Town … contact Dr Nico directly – at Contact Number: +27 82 566 1484 Email Address:

More details about the StreetBiz Foundation and the Long Walk Project are on our website at . Let’s make this happen!

The Long Walk Project, StreetBiz Foundation, 30 October 2018, Dr Nico de Klerk: “A group of young & unemployed teenagers met me about 12 km outside Barrydale to walk with into town. We celebrated the StreetBiz 2000km mark (already posted when it happened).” #LongWalkProject #StreetBizFoundation

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Make it personal …

This one is a direct challenge – to you! Let’s get this great group of young guys to Cape Town so that they can walk the last bit of the Long Walk Project with Dr Nico into Cape Town on 24 November 2018!

YOU can make a difference here!



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