Believe in yourself

George, South Africa, 15 October 2018. During the Long Walk Project, the CEO of StreetBiz Foundation, Dr Nico de Klerk, speaks to Johann Coetzee, who represented South Africa at the 2009 Olympics in swimming.

The video deals with the importance of believing in yourself and how this is critical for young entrepreneurs.


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Make it personal …

Johann had to overcome tremendous personal challenges to make it to the Olympics.

What are the challenges that you are experiencing in your life today? Write a list of the top five challenges.  Leave at a few llines open after each challenge … you’ll have to write some more detail there.

Then follow Johann’s advice:

Under each challenge, write down WHO could assist you in meeting this challenge. If you have a name, write it down; otherwise just write, for example, “a business leader who sells carrots in bulk” or “a small business owner of a boutique hotel”. Try to be as specific as possible.

Now, also write down, next to each challenge, HOW they could assist you. Do NOT write “money”. Your job as an entrepreneur is CREATE money, not ASK for it. Rather write two important questions that you want to ask this person that would help you overcome your challenge.

Now go through you list – and FIND names of people for each of the challenges. Ask around. Approach people like Johann did, with courage and honesty. Ask simple questions … you’ll be amazed at their willingness to help.

Find out how you can contact them – can you simply phone them, or would it be better to SMS, email or WhatsApp them? Or maybe post a letter?

Now send your questions out and then, when you get the answers, DO what they suggest you do.

What if someone doesn’t respond? Simple – find someone else that could answer that question.

Do NOT give up.

You are an entrepreneur, after all. You are resilient (“tough”), innovative and creative. Make a plan.

And act on their advice.




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