Four ways to get involved

When we get excited about a cause, and we want to get involved, we sometimes limit our own thinking about HOW we can get involved.

Dr Nico de Klerk, the CEO of StreetBiz Foundation, talks about ways in which we can get involved in the video below. Have a look & listen, and then SCROLL down to look at the four ways we suggest you can get involved with StreetBiz Foundation.

Remember … involved is involved … if you can do only a little bit once in a while, but you are willing to commit to it, that is GREAT! Never think that only people with lots of time, lots of money, lots of contacts, or amazing skills can make a difference.

YOU can make a difference. All it takes is a decision and a commitment to that decision.

How does this work?

So, look at the four images below and decide what would work for you.

Then click on the one you would like to get involved with (time, money, skills, networks) and you’ll go to one of two possible pages:

SB wish list_MONEYSB wish list_NETWORKSSB wish list_SKILLSSB wish list_TIME

What If I want to do MORE?

Great … if you’re not sure what to do or if you want to do MORE, simply click on our Contact Us page. You can choose more than one way to get involved.



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