StreetBiz Foundation Promo Video

Although the video was made before the Long Walk, it is applicable to this day and we are grateful for the fantastic work of Rogerio de Oliveira. The vision and mission of StreetBiz has stayed the same since 2017 and it is just growing in momentum into 2020. Please see the report of StreetBiz activitiesContinue reading “StreetBiz Foundation Promo Video”

Season’s Greetings from StreetBiz Foundation

Dear StreetBizzers – we would like to wish you a wonderful time of renewal and community and refereshment. Dr Nico de Klerk, CEO of StreetBiz Foundation has something to say – specially for you! So please click on the video below to listen to the StreetBiz Foundation Christmas Message.   So, during this festive season,Continue reading “Season’s Greetings from StreetBiz Foundation”