Entrepreneur or employee?

Should you be an entrepreneur?

Listen to the three podcasts and then read the text below. This is an important decision, so be honest with yourself!

An entrepreneur

  • An entrepreneur is building his own dream and this dream has to do with a product he is creating or a service he wants to provide.
  • He doesn’t like working for someone else, but prefers to be accountable for making a plan and working towards success in uncertain circumstances.
  • He doesn’t mind taking risks, and going out of his comfort zones to do so. He doesn’t get anxious about the possibility of not getting a predicted salary each month and doing predictable things each day.

An employee

  • An employee’s dreams are not always related to his work. It might be around hobbies or his family. He is buildling someone else’s dream at work, and is happy to do so as long as he is treated well and getting paid each month.
  • He dislikes risks and uncertainty. He prefers predictibility and knowing what is going to happen and being sure of getting paid at the end of each month.
  • He works for someone and is responsible for his own work, but doesn’t mind not having the authority to change things and not being accountable.


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