Vision: Changing the Mindsets, and lives of the Unemployed and Youth towards an
Entrepreneurial Mindset

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StreetBiz is the identity of an informal business school concept on a national level for the NEET  (WEF terminology for those with no education, no employment, no training), as the NEET are in NEED. StreetBiz will have representatives in all communities in South Africa on a voluntary basis and it will function mainly on a technological basis as part of the digital era with current developments in the field of information technology and business strategies. Workshops will also be part of the activities, either by myself or a volunteer facilitator.

The target of StreetBiz will be the millions in South Africa with nowhere to go after finishing school as well as the youth preparing to leave school with the mindset and upliftment of basic business skills and knowledge as a priority. StreetBiz has the potential to become the most effective way to address the level of unemployment and its consequences in South Africa.

A huge gap in entrepreneurial skills development has been identified as not many entrepreneurial interventions are targeting this segment of South African Society or when it does, it is only for a selected few, not affecting the millions of community members and post-school youth with no future and options.

With modern technology and South Africa’s wealth in terms of infrastructure and knowledge, this situation can be addressed in much more effective ways than ever in the past, to the model of “digital disruption” as identified by the Global Entrepreneurship Conference of 2017


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