Long Walk

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What is the Long Walk Project?

The Long Walk Project was aimed at making contact with present and future entrepreneurs and raising awareness of the importance of adapting a changed, entrepreneurial mindset.

The CEO of Streetbiz Foundation, Dr Nico de Klerk, walked across South Africa in just over four months. The journey started at the statue of Nelson Mandela on Mandela Day, 18 July 2018, and ended at the Cape Town City Hall in Cape Town on South Africa Day, 24 November 2018.

During this journey of over 2750 kilometres (1708 miles), Nico visited 104 communities where he will met with schools, community leaders and other interested parties. 14


He talked to “the man on the street” and hosted workshops and presentations.WhatsApp Image 2018-08-08 at 17.26.37

What happens now?

Streetbiz is working with the contacts made during the Long Walk Project and donor partners to create an online business school where entrepreneurs will be able to upskill and find valuable resources and training.


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