Grit and mindset change

Dr Nico de Klerk, CEO of StreetBiz Foundation, during the Long Walk Project on 30 October 2018 in Barrydale, Western Cape, South Africa:

“In Barrydale they have a great project running, called “Net vir Pret” (“Just for Fun”) and I was invited to meet the Board, including a lady from Oxford, England present. The meeting ended with three Board members, Donna, Judy from the UK & Peter, contributing to the StreetBiz mission in a short video.”

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Make it personal …

In this video, we heard more about the importance of grit (determination) if you want to be a successful entrepreneur. Life as an entrepreneur is hard and filled with challenges, and if you don’t have grit, you won’t get very far.

According to this TED talk video, by Angela Lee Duckworth, grit is “passion and perseverance for very long-term goals”. Listen to the following video and about how good looks, education, IQ … none of these are the best predictors of success. The best way to predict if someone will be successful is to see if they have GRIT.

Ask yourself … do I have grit?

Write down four examples of grit over the past year. How did you persevere despite challenges? How did you find the passion to keep going when things were against you?

  • Or do you expect someone always to come to your rescue?
  • Do you think you’ll get by easily because of your talent, your good looks, your IQ?
  • Do you feel that the world owes you something because of your circumstances?

If you do, you are doomed to fail.

Change this today.

Find that one thing that makes you feel alive – that one thing that you can commit to for the long term. Work hard, and keep your eye on the goal. Show true grit – then you know you’ll succeed.

… and there’s more:

Complete the Grit Scale checklist here to see what Angela’s talking about.



Believe in yourself

George, South Africa, 15 October 2018. During the Long Walk Project, the CEO of StreetBiz Foundation, Dr Nico de Klerk, speaks to Johann Coetzee, who represented South Africa at the 2009 Olympics in swimming.

The video deals with the importance of believing in yourself and how this is critical for young entrepreneurs.


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Make it personal …

Johann had to overcome tremendous personal challenges to make it to the Olympics.

What are the challenges that you are experiencing in your life today? Write a list of the top five challenges.  Leave at a few llines open after each challenge … you’ll have to write some more detail there.

Then follow Johann’s advice:

Under each challenge, write down WHO could assist you in meeting this challenge. If you have a name, write it down; otherwise just write, for example, “a business leader who sells carrots in bulk” or “a small business owner of a boutique hotel”. Try to be as specific as possible.

Now, also write down, next to each challenge, HOW they could assist you. Do NOT write “money”. Your job as an entrepreneur is CREATE money, not ASK for it. Rather write two important questions that you want to ask this person that would help you overcome your challenge.

Now go through you list – and FIND names of people for each of the challenges. Ask around. Approach people like Johann did, with courage and honesty. Ask simple questions … you’ll be amazed at their willingness to help.

Find out how you can contact them – can you simply phone them, or would it be better to SMS, email or WhatsApp them? Or maybe post a letter?

Now send your questions out and then, when you get the answers, DO what they suggest you do.

What if someone doesn’t respond? Simple – find someone else that could answer that question.

Do NOT give up.

You are an entrepreneur, after all. You are resilient (“tough”), innovative and creative. Make a plan.

And act on their advice.



Reboot your thinking

Villiersdorp, Western Cape, South Africa. The CEO of StreetBiz Foundation, Dr Nico de Klerk visited Villiersdorp on 16 November 2018 during the Long Walk Project and has the following to say about the town and its people:

“Meetings with the Tourism committee, individuals, groups and the Youth Centre, a youth group session of two hours there and then off to the squatter camp section of this community, gave me first-hand insight, led by hand! The positive energy in this community reflected with a group accompanying me for 12 km out of town the following day towards Franschoek. At our good-bye a video was made with their individual messages including an announcement of a petition to support the StreetBiz online business school. Now could I have asked for more!”

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Make it personal …

When you phone an IT helpline with any problem regarding your computer, one of the first things they ask you, is to reboot your computer.

Very often that’s all that’s needed to fix the problem.

The same is true for our thinking – all too often do we get stuck on an idea, or a challenge or something that we cannot seem to move beyond. It feels like we’re stuck in the same place, spinning our wheels, and not getting anywhere.

Have you ever experienced that?

In the video Dr Nico got feedback from a group of amazing people doing amazing things in their community – meeting challenges daily and bringing hope and direction.

Yet, they also spoke about how they were energised by the thought that they should look at old problems in new ways – and all of this by rebooting their thinking.

Maybe you also have challenges that leave you powerless and stuck in one place. The Villiersdorp community leaders were rebooted by a simple conversation with a man who believes that a changed mindset can literally change your life.

  • Find someone that you can talk to – someone with positive energy and innovative ideas. And just talk through your challenges – see what comes up.
  • Or set an afternoon aside where you and your team can go sit somewhere beautiful (maybe a park in your town), or at least somewhere else than your usual meeting place (go for coffee in town). And just start buzzing ideas. Do NOT filter, do NOT judge, just write them down and keep going – you’ll be amazed by what comes up.
  • Think outside the box – do not say no to any idea, but explore them all.

Once you’ve got that, start planning.

Work with what you’ve got. But don’t be scared of asking someone for resources. The worst that can happen is a no. And then you still have a whole list of possibilities.

And once you’ve planned:  DO.



The Power of Mindset

Dr Nico de Klerk, CEO of StreetBiz Foundation, in Helderstroom, Western Cape, South Africa during the Long Walk Project on 12 November 2018.

In this video Dr Nico talks about an amazing friendship with an ex-Tik (meth) addict who is now doing amazing things in his community and the lessons this has for entrepreneurs. Watch this video to find out more about the power of mindset!

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Make it personal …

Dr Nico’s friend turned his whole life around and beat a Tik (meth) addiction.What an amazing victory – and it all boils down to the power of a changed mindset.

  • Which are the things in YOUR life that are standing in your way?
  • What are those excuses you use to accept mediocrity, or even shadows in your life?
  • What is preventing you from dusting off the dreams you have so long neglected and making them the focus of a changed life, a changed mindset?

Today, start the journey.

  • Change your mind.
  • Make a decision.
  • Take control.
  • Be accountable.
  • Make a difference.

Find ONE thing you can do right here, right now, as the start of your new journey.

Write it down, paste it on your mirror.

And go out into the world and actually DO it!


Get our Barrydale friends to Cape Town!

YOU can make a difference!

This video is a challenge to help this group get to Cape Town to celebrate the end of the Long Walk Project on 24 November 2018.


To support our Barrydale friends with funds or transport to Cape Town on 24 November or overnight accommodation in Cape Town … contact Dr Nico directly – at Contact Number: +27 82 566 1484 Email Address:

More details about the StreetBiz Foundation and the Long Walk Project are on our website at . Let’s make this happen!

The Long Walk Project, StreetBiz Foundation, 30 October 2018, Dr Nico de Klerk: “A group of young & unemployed teenagers met me about 12 km outside Barrydale to walk with into town. We celebrated the StreetBiz 2000km mark (already posted when it happened).” #LongWalkProject #StreetBizFoundation

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Make it personal …

This one is a direct challenge – to you! Let’s get this great group of young guys to Cape Town so that they can walk the last bit of the Long Walk Project with Dr Nico into Cape Town on 24 November 2018!

YOU can make a difference here!


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