People all over the world are facing difficult issues that affect how they live on a day to day basis.

These issues include the availability of clean water, environmental pollution, crime, access to quality education and health services, homelessness and many more.

What can you do as an individual to address the issues that you are most worried about?

How can you work with others to address challenges in your town/city?

Do you struggle to get others involved in working with you on addressing these issues?

If these questions excite you, please join The StreetBiz Foundation in Johannesburg, South Africa for our Public Work and Development Management Seminar. We believe that Public Work represents the combined efforts of ordinary people from different backgrounds, working together to solve a problem that affects them all. Public Work happens when people are willing to work together to improve their situation, rather than waiting for someone else to do it on their behalf. We believe that collaborating in this way provides more opportunity to find solutions, while it also builds trust between people from different backgrounds as they share their skills and ideas.

The StreetBiz Foundation designed this quarterly seminar series to give participants (like you!) the opportunity to meet a diverse and international group of people struggling with exactly the same challenges, even though they come from different backgrounds.

You will, over the course of 8 days, be introduced to the concept of Public Work, including how it can change the way that you think about your own activities at home. The seminar is designed to take you out of your context and broaden the way you think about your work and the activities that you implement. You will be exposed to energetic and passionate participants from a variety of countries, supported by an experienced team of facilitators.

What can you expect?

  • You will develop practical tools to change your approach from problem-focus to solution orientation;
  • You will identify networks and resources within your home setting to support your own activities – ensuring that more people work with you on identified issues;
  • You will hear stories from all over the world, drawing insight and inspiration for your own work; and
  • You will work with the faculty on workshopping an issue that you are passionate about, giving you the opportunity to implement a new set of activities once you get home.

Upon completion, you will receive a Certificate in Public Work and Development Management, making you part of the expanding international cohort that is bringing the public back into Public Work. You will also have access to the international faculty as you embark you on journey of reimagined Public Work.

How can you apply?

Applications are open to eligible young people (18 – 45) from all over the world.

Admissions to the workshop are conducted on a rolling basis and interested individuals are required to complete admissions questions online.

Those that qualify based on their area of work, experience and interests will be shortlisted for an interview with our admissions panel. If you are selected, you will receive more details regarding the next seminar dates, visa application support and other logistical arrangements (transport and lodging).

We are committed to growing and supporting excellence, especially for those that are unable to attend due to financial constraints. This means that exceptional participants can apply for a full scholarship to cover the entire cost of the workshop, including all travel and meals. Participants that apply for scholarships will be scored based on their current experience, openness for learning and the quality of their online submission.

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