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There are many ways to support Streetbiz and our projects

You can support us in lots of ways, such as:

Your social media networks

Please like our Facebook Page and share the posts with your social media network.

Let’s get the word out there that a changed mindset can change your life. We also have an amazing YouTube channel – subscribe and never miss the latest videos!

And if you’re more into Twitter or LinkedIn, well, we are there as well.


Your money

If you have been inspired by the vision of the StreetBiz Foundation and would like to support us financially, please do! You can make a Donation using PayPal, or an EFT.


Your skills

One of the greatest things about meeting people on the road is how important skills are for changing one person, and also a whole community.

If you have skills you think might be useful, please Contact Us and let us know!

The Long Walk Project forms the foundation of the future StreetBiz Foundation Online Business School. And to get that going, we’re going to need a village!

  • Maybe you’re great at fundraising?
  • Or you’re a webmaster just waiting to shower us with suggestions?
  • Or a content creator with a passion for teaching young and old?
  • And how about those of you with social media skills?
  • What about those mentors for young entrepreneurs out there?
  • It could be as complex as giving financial advice to young entrepreneurs …
  • … or as focused as showing a start-up how to create that perfect “elevator pitch” for their great idea.
  • Or you might like volunteering those great organisational and planning skills?
  • And what about writing a few blog posts sharing what you’ve learned about entrepreneurship and business and marketing and project planning?

Whatever you can bring to this great party called life … just drop us a line!


Your time

… and yes, we know that life gets busier sometimes, so if you are not able to commit to any longer-term projects, but you still want to help us once in a while – we’re in!

If you are interested in working with the StreetBiz Foundation from time to time, please Contact Us and tell us about it!


Your kind words

And, yes, we’d love to hear from you – suggestions, ideas, recommendations or even kind pointers about things we could improve upon – we welcome all of that, so please Contact Us!


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