Nearly there!

As you know, Dr Nico de Klerk is walking across South Africa from Pretoria to Cape Town in just less than four months. Have a look at the video below where he is celebrating reaching the 2 000 kilometers walked mark (that’s 1 242 miles!) with a group of youngster who are not in school and not employed … exactly the people he’s trying to reach. They’re just outside of Barrydale in the Western Cape in South Africa at this point.

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Make it personal …

Do you celebrate your victories? So often we forget to do this in the midst of hard times as an entrepreneur.

So … grab a piece of paper or open your note app on your device … and write down no less than TEN times when you were proud of something you did the past MONTH.

It doesn’t have to be big things … it can be simply keeping your cool in a difficult discussion, or deciding to skip coffee so that you can work on your business plan … anything and everything is fine.

As long as you remember to celebrate it!

#resilience = #entrepreneur


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